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Here’s all that you need to know about Carpet Area, Built-up Area & Super Built-up Area

Posted by admin on December 30, 2022

Purchasing property is a daunting task. Especially when there are tons of jargon that are used on a daily basis. Some of the most common ones you’ll probably hear are Carpet Area, Built up Area and Super Built-up area.

We’ve all heard these terms before and it’s always a task to understand what carpet area makes up what. We hear you and here is everything you need to know about Carpet Area, Built up Area and Super Built-up area.

Carpet Area, Built up Area and Super Built-up area are three terms we commonly come across when talking about property area with top real estate companies. Property Area is typically measured or calculated in either square feet or square meters. Carpet Area, Built up Area and Super Built-up area are terms that frequently come up during discussions while purchasing property and often end up confusing several buyers. Ever so often we will find Carpet Area, Built up Area and Super Built-up area being used interchangeably. Not using these terms in their  proper context can negatively affect the buyer’s experience with purchasing property. Therefore, it is absolutely crucial to understand –

What is a super built up area? Meaning of built up area? And, the meaning of carpet area, to make informed decisions while purchasing property in India.

Carpet Area

Carpet Area, also known as the Net Usable Area, is simply the area in an apartment or a flat that can be covered using a carpet. In other words, it is basically the space in one’s residential area that can be layered with a carpet. 

What does the Carpet Area cover?

Carpet Area, or Net Usable Area, covers the area you can cover with a carpet as well as the internal wall area. It is important to note that Carpet Area does not cover any balcony area or terrace area. Therefore, we can technically define the area between the inner partition walls as the Carpet Area. Carpet Area can also include staircases, in the case multiple stories within the same residence. 

In accordance with RERA (Real Estate Regulation and Development Act), the Net Usable Area, or Carpet Area, does not include the area covered by the external walls, any areas under service shafts and balconies/terraces/verandahs as well as open balconies/terraces.

As an addition, we have also added a formula to act as a calculator for carpet area –

The formula typically used to calculate the Carpet Area of an apartment/flat is-

Carpet Area = Area of bedroom + area of living room + area of balconies/terraces + area of toilets – area of inner partition walls

Carpet area is generally, roughly 70-75% of the built up area.

If you happen to have booked a project that is under construction, then according to the RERA regulations, there cannot be an decrease in Carpet Area by more than 3%. It is possible for there to be a small difference in the quoted Carpet Area and the final Carpet Area but in the event of a significant decrease in the final Carpet Area as compared to the quoted Carpet Area, then you can get a refund based on the difference, from the builder within 45 days with an annual interest in accordance to RERA. 

What is the importance of Carpet Area? 

It is absolutely crucial to understand Carpet Area as it is essentially the space you would have if you purchase a particular apartment/flat. According to the RERA regulations it is mandatory for every builder to provide the respective Carpet Area per unit price.

Built Up Area

The Built Up Area in an apartment/flat is the measure of the Carpet Area in addition to the area that is covered by the inner walls and any balconies / verandahs / terraces as well as open terrs. ace

According to the RERA regulations, the meaning of Built Up Area is the carpet area as well as the extra areas as certified by the authorities, which can include – 

  • the area of the inner walls 
  • the area of the outer walls 
  • the area of the balcony, or even open balcony areas.

Calculation of Built Up Area
The formula used to calculate Built Up area is:

In most Indian housing units, it is common for the Built Up Area to be roughly 70% of the total housing area.

For example, if the total area of a house you are interested in purchasing is 10,000 square feet, then the total Built up area typically wouldn’t exceed 7,000 sq feet.

Super Built Up Area

Aside from the carpet area, and built up area, it is important to understand the meaning of Super Built Up Area.

In a typical residential community or apartment complex, it is common to have common areas like corridors between houses, elevators, stairs, etc. It is also increasingly common for builders to provide facilities and common areas like clubhouses, sports areas, or gardens.

A buyer interested in purchasing a flat in such a residential community would end up paying not just for their personal area i.e. their flat, but also the common areas, and this payment would be in the form of a monthly maintenance. This could include upkeep such as cleaning and maintaining said property within the confines of the building itself. The best real estate companies explicitly state these numbers so that both you and the developer are on the same page. 

This might include – 

  • Common walking area
  • Jogging track
  • Playgrounds
  • Common playing area
  • Swimming pools
  • Community sauna
  • Clubhouses
  • Elevators
  • Staircases
  • Emergency staircases
  • Lobbies

Calculate super built up area – 

We calculate super built up area using the given formula-

Super built up area= built up area + proportional common area

There is another formula, using the term ‘loading factor’, which we will explain in a short moment.

Super built up area = carpet area (1 + loading factor)

Why is the distinction between Carpet Area, Built up Area and Super Built-up area important? 

Before RERA regulations made it compulsory for builders to use only carpet area as the measurement provided to the buyer, builders would often include the area of the super-built up area and increase prices along with confusion. Pavani Group has always been known to provide reliable and accurate carpet area, built up area as well as super built up area numbers to our customers. We understand the value of your new home and thousands of our esteemed residents can vouch for our trust and transparency. Before purchasing or even looking through our properties, feel free to consult us on the meaning of carpet area, meaning or built up area or even calculate the super built up area.

Find your home with Pavani Group. 

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