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Luxury Homes In Chennai Redefined

Posted by admin on November 30, 2022

‘Chancey Illa’ Chennai:

Chennai, Tamil Nadu is considered to be one of the most prominent educational, economic and cultural centers in South India. Being one of the oldest local governing bodies in India, the city is considered to be one of the largest metropolitan economies.

Along with a growing economy, the city is enchanted with culture that goes back to millions of years. Some of the best features about the city is the food that is rich in cultural heritage and varies from pure South-Indian food to exquisite continental cuisines spread across the city. Connectivity is accessible as well as affordable with buses, share-autos as well as a developing metro.

Real estate Chennai:

With rising opportunities in various sectors, Chennai is now a sought-after destination for new migrants who are looking for new opportunities. Being ranked one of the best cities of India by India Today, more and more people are moving in expanding its boundaries. The balance with high-tech cities as well as green parks and wide open beaches improves the quality of life for many. The infrastructure of the city is also ranked one of the best in India in terms of cleanliness and maintenance.

With all these features, real estate seems to be the most obvious factor in this growth that helps many people find their luxury homes in Chennai. Finding the best construction companies is no easy task. There are hundreds of options available but only a few that are credible and also focus on every detail of your new home. But how are luxury homes in Chennai being redefined?

Luxury homes are selling fast:

The housing sector has seen impressive growth over the last few years. Corona, albeit a brief break from the progressive growth, significantly impacted the sector. Homes in Chennai have been on demand after the rise in opportunities in the IT sector. The city has also prepared to accommodate more and more people to help build its IT sector and medical prospects.

Various lifestyle changes have resulted in this rise. According to The Hindu, post-pandemic lifestyle changes such as working from home have firstly, has changed the way Indians work. We now need more rooms to accommodate people in the house and are also able to save a lot more. Before the pandemic, costs on transport, fuel and maintenance would eat up most of our savings. New trends have allowed us to save and invest into quality real estate.

The Pavani Group has seized this opportunity to build some of the best apartments in Chennai. With new projects lined up, Pavani Northstar is one of Pavani Group’s most luxurious properties. With a total of 299 units spread across 2 and 3 BHK apartments, it is now the most sought after apartments in Chennai, Korattur which is just two mins away from Anna Nagar.

Quality is the key:

Using quality materials and designs are key to improve the way an apartment is built. Not with just better cement or bricks but technology is what helps in designing optimum space utilization, construction that withstands natural calamities as well as keeps in mind basic needs such as ventilation and sunlight.

New technologies such as RCC (Reinforced Concrete Cement) structures transfers the load of the building from slabs to beams and then to the columns and then lastly, to the foundation. This helps in providing a solid structure to the building during earthquakes or floods.

Pavani Group is proud to announce that our star project in Chennai, Pavani Northstar uses RCC framed structure as well as AAC blocks for internal and external walls to provide earthquake resilient structures. We also provide anti-termite treatments wherever applicable for better life of the structure.

Large list of amenities:

Almost all apartments in Chennai now have a good set of amenities but getting the right set of amenities comes with experience and time. Timeless designs and construction quality is all a part of the place where you will be staying but amenities drive the conversation forward.

Some of the most essential set of amenities includes accessibility to hospitals, schools and institutions, gyms, event spaces, creche and many more. Owing to the pandemic, several developers have also added co-working spaces within the apartment space to accommodate people who would like to work outside their home for some quality focus work.

Pavani Group has made sure each of these amenities are met within the confines of the Pavani Northstar project. With a reception area, gym, co-working space, health clinic, event spaces and many more, it’s a hard bargain to not live a luxurious life here at Pavani Northstar.

The Pavani Group is one of the top real estate companies in South India that is growing significantly in Bengaluru, Chennai, Hyderabad, Nellore and Vijayawada. The Pavani Group has over 24 years of experience in designing and implementing large-scale apartment projects and is known for superior quality and timeless design language through its construction.

Luxury homes in Chennai are seeing a huge surge and the Pavani Group is here to provide the best experience in this space. Pavani Northstar, aims to provide the most luxurious homes in Chennai with superior quality construction and premium design qualities within each of these apartments. Green pathways, exquisite decor and thoughtful features make sure that you are left with nothing short here at Pavani Northstar, Chennai.

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