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The Pavani Group – Scaling new heights in the realty industry for decades

Posted by admin on November 28, 2022

A name that is built to build

“A house is made with walls and beams; a home is built with love and dreams,” rightly said by Ralph Waldo Emerson.

This philosophy resonates with the very aim of the Pavani Group where we set out to build not just houses but homes for people to leave their mark. To create a space that people can come back and find comfort with their loved ones.

Pavani Group being one of the top construction companies in South India, has more than 45 completed projects, 6 ongoing projects and around 4500 plus happy families who trust us. With relentless effort to build the best homes, this is seen widely among some of our sought after homes in Bengaluru, Chennai, Hyderabad, Nellore and Vijayawada.

A proud legacy

For more than 2 decades, Mr Veera Raghava Rao Pakalapati has created a niche for himself with the Pavani Group to establish some of the most sought after real estate builders in South India. The real estate industry in India is booming with lots of developers and construction companies that offer several amenities and features. But what sets Pavani Group apart is the design and quality of materials used to build each of their projects. Let’s dive into some of the new innovations that Pavani group has brought to the industry.

Redefining skylines with unblemished quality:

The fact that the structure has to stand for decades together, without a single problem is something that the Pavani Group takes very seriously. With world class materials and technology, we never compromise on the quality of materials that are used to construct some of the best apartments in South India.

With the inception of the Pavani Group, every project was given the attention it deserves to withstand a lifetime in metropolitan cities like Bangalore, Hyderabad and Chennai.

It is no shock that we are considered some of the best builders in Chennai with some of our ongoing projects like Pavani Northstar that uses only the best materials to provide structural longevity and quality homes to more than 300 families.

Revolutionary new technology

Keeping up with the times, we have brought in various new technologies that help us build stronger buildings in a shorter period of time. These new innovations also help us in building earthquake-resistant buildings as well.

Some of our projects such as Pavani Felicity and Pavani Northstar are built using RCC framed structures that provide better protection during impact. RCC – Reinforced Concrete Cement structure helps transfer the load from the slabs and beams to the foundation of the building thereby focussing shock and impact to the stronger parts of the building.

Another one of our most important innovations is the adoption of Mivan Technology. Along with speed, this technology uses aluminum formwork structures that helps build our apartments faster as well as stronger without the need to wait for several years. Pavani Mirabilia in Bengaluru adopts this technology well and is currently being tested for several more real-estate projects.

South India’s best real estate construction companies often miss out on updating themselves with newer technologies that can help them build effective and efficient structures for their projects. Due to our innovations, Pavani group is considered to be one of the best builders in Hyderabad where hundreds of families trust the Pavani brand.

Going beyond luxury

The real estate industry in India is quite a competitive one with thousands of builders trying to make a name for themselves. In this drive, developers often forget the smallest details that help customers in finding the right home.

Pavani Northstar apartments in Chennai for example, have incorporated a co-working space within the property. This comes after the new trend of the pandemic where remote working is a part of the deal and many are required to have a home office or find a space for themselves.

Most of our projects are always built around the accessibility of schools, colleges, IT parks and transportation networks. This gives our customers to find solace in their home while also not being too far off from their necessities.

Pavani Felicity, apartments in Hyderabad, have an accommodated health clinic that is accessible to all residents. Of course specialized care is a must but accessible healthcare treatment to all, is a perk that is void in many real-estate projects.

The real estate market in India is booming and the Pavani Group is ready to make the most out of it. We are here with the vision to set new standards in the real-estate sector of India and build homes that matter. It’s highly important that our esteemed customers are happy and satisfied with their new home as it is what fuels us to always strive for the better. Afterall, Pavani Group is always set out to build loving homes & not just houses!

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